Creative Envo

Revitalize your mailing?

At Westflex you have recently the opportunity to present your “warmly recommended services cool”, a good example is the Creative Envo ICE. This envelope gets its name from the material from which the envelope is made. A “frost” look through the milky foil, a cool presentation. As a result, your mailing gets the attention it deserves.

The Creative Envo is a transparent envelope for both manual and machine processing. It offers optimal protection against water and dirt and protects your mailing against folding. The material is 100% recyclable. You can give your advertising campaign even more personality by adjusting the size and possibly having it printed completely to a maximum of 8 colors.

We bring this product to the market in a standard version.

  • Creative Envo STAR is made of a clear 100my foil and radiates quality.

  • Creative Envo ICE is made from a milky 100my foil and gives a “frost” effect.

  • Creative Envo ECO is made from a clear 90my foil, which makes it more cost-effective.

  • Creative Envo BIO is made from compostable foil.

There is really a lot possible. We like to listen to your specific wishes.


From the heart

  • Westflex have supplied us for the last six years, providing us with good quality products and great service that allows us to concentrate on running our business rather than worrying about supplies.

    Gareth Master Chocolatier Yorkshire
  • Westflex are always there to offer advice when needed and more than willing to go the extra mile when it comes to service

    Chris Independent Craft Supplier Manchester
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